sleeping in public

Shanghai, 2008.

It’s completely normal to walk past men – and they are almost always men – taking a nap right in the middle of a bustling street in broad daylight. I’ve seen men sleep on their scooters, like the gentleman here, curled up on the back of a small, rusty cart attached to a bicycle, and of course, in their lawn chair on the sidewalk.


2 thoughts on “sleeping in public

  1. Hahahaha…whatever you need to, you can always do it publicly “here” i.e. pedicure, napping, haircuts – you name it!

    • I know, I really love it! It’s great to see the blurring of private / public spaces here, you really get a feel for how people live. One of my favorite things about Asia for sure (well, minus the ‘developed’ countries like Japan, Korea and Singapore).

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