bird man

A bird seller relaxing next to his tidily stacked flock at the Wan Shang Flower & Bird Market, Shanghai, May 2013

Much more than just flowers & birds are sold at this colorful, raucous market. Sellers also hawk plants like tiny bonsai trees, very, very loud crickets (for fighting or just as pets), turtles of varying sizes, frogs, worms and crawling insects as bird food, assorted colorful fish, sad-eyed adorable puppies and kittens, pricey chinchillas, hamsters or gerbils (honestly, I can’t tell the difference!), little rabbits, and all sorts of paraphernalia that accompany these critters.

My college friend from Philadelphia was visiting Asia for the first time, so I took her for a walk around. I don’t always take visitors here because many find it sad when they see the animals in little cages, but if you’ve never seen a traditional Chinese market, I think it’s worth a meander.


2 thoughts on “bird man

    • It’s actually really centrally located in Huangpu district (formerly known as Luwan) in Puxi. In case you do make your way around again, should definitely check it out. It’s just a 5 minute walk from entertainment complex Xintiandi (Line 10 metro stop), 1 minute from the “antique” market Dongtai Lu (Line 10 metro stop Laoximen). Official address is 405 Xizang Nan Lu, near Zizhong Lu.

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