countryside kitchen

Outside Zhouzhuang village, Zhecheng county, Henan province, April 2013

I’m a sucker for kitchens of any kind, as I love to eat.

In China, the best food are usually found in humble places. For example, in Hong Kong nobody bats an eyelid when a Mercedes or other such luxury vehicles are parked next to cramped, sterile spaces (or in some cases, a stand with some battered plastic tables and stools) that specialize in the holy grail of one specific item.

Said items include that staple of a typical Chinese breakfast – the fluffiest, most gently fried crullers, freshly made and piping hot, perfect during that tiny window of time before it hardens, cools and becomes sad, mediocre and disappointing.

But yes, seeing those luxury vehicles, and knowing the searcher could be anywhere from 20 to 70 years old…it’s one of my favorite things about my peoples.

The food produced from this small, rather ramshackled kitchen was delicious, and introduced me to new flower varieties I’ve never seen/eaten (same thing) before.

I’m partial to this photo as it reminds me of a painting, and not in a shiny chef in shiny fancy kitchen way.


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